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This page shows organisations that offer tuition in graphology. A key is used to distinguish between providers of Distance Learning (DL) and Personal Tuition (PT). Distance Learning methods may be offered by post, internet, e-mail, video, audio- cassette, telephone, computer software or by other means. Personal Tuition may be offered in a classroom situation or as one-to-one teaching. Prices vary, some tuition is free of charge.  Programmes may be as short as one day but practitioners recommend courses of at least three years (over 240 hours) duration. Generally Individuals are not listed; to find a personal tutor close to you, contact a national association.

Universities are frequently used as a venue for
tuition, and in some cases offer courses themselves and Graphology is sometimes taught as a part of other subjects. The designation "degree" and "diploma" in graphology is used sometimes by course providers; the content of these is variable. 

Perhaps the most famous Diploma is offered by the Société Française de Graphologie (Paris), with various examination centres outside France. Degree courses recognised by the Italian Ministry of Education are taught at the Universities of Urbino and Lumsa (Rome).

In 1997 the Ministry of Education of Argentina formally recognized a degree in graphology, now taught at Emerson University College, Buenos Aires. 

Universities which have offered partial or complete courses in the past (and may be active in some way now), include the following: UK - Loughborough; Glasgow University; Spain - Universidad de Valencia, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, (Estudios Criminología and Facultad de Medecina), Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca, Universidad de Córdoba, Universidad de Barcelona; Germany - Heidelberg, Cologne, Munich, 
Fribourg, Hamburg, Bielefeld, Berlin; Italy - Messina. (See this article in Spanish on Graphology at Universities and a current list, in Spanish of courses offered..)

Summer schools have become popular in recent years. They offer an intensive one or two week course on specific topics, to update knowledge or to specialise. Introductory summer schools are also available for newcomers to the subject.

Certification, accreditation, licensing, qualified and expert are terms sometimes used in discussing graphological training.  Assessment may be by written essays, multiple choice tests, analysis portraits, oral questioning and other techniques.

The nature and status of graphology varies from country to country.   It is therefore difficult to make a definitive statement about whether a given course leads to a graphologist who is competent to operate in a specific field.  The only common outcome from following any course is that a certificate of completion is likely to be awarded.

Another useful thing about courses are that they give a structured reading programme. Click here to see  a list of the most important books for graphology training, based on the reading recommendations of the main European courses.

Many institutions allow the student to design a personalised study program. It is perfectly acceptable for graphology to be proposed as one of these Masters or Doctorate programs. A good example of this was described in the AHAF Journal 30(6) November-December 1997. It told how Prescott College in Arizona, USA offered an accredited Master of Arts Degree - "self-directed and limited residence." One student, Mark Reddy, designed his MA and called it "The Psychology of Handwriting"

 In 2003 Urbino offered a Masters Degree in Graphology (see http://www.grafologia.it  for details)

Argentina/ Brazil

DL/PT Emerson University College 
Av. Corrientes 2092 - 2° and 3° floors - C1045AAO - Buenos Aires
Contact: Prof. Julio Néstor G. Cavalli, Principal 
emerson@overnet.com.ar    http://www.emerson.com.ar

DL Paulo Sergio de Carmargo
Cx 61.000 - Rio de Janeiro - RJ, Cep - 21616-120, Brazil
 E-mail: psggrafo@domain.com.br


Boulevard Mettewie, 85 Bte 24 (27ème étage), 1080 Brussels, Belgium 
Contact: M. de Grave 

PT IBPG/BEGOPS - Bureau d'Etude Graphologique Orientation Psychologique Selection
Rue Duysburgh 32, boite 19, B-1090 Brussels, Belgium

Rue Bosret 14, B-5000 Namur, Belgium
 (Jacques Vandromme) (Founded in 1971, teach in Brussels, Nivelles, Namur, Mons)

PT IEG Institut d'enseignement de La Graphologie (ASBL)
Avenue Vandermissen 27, B-1040 Brussels, Belgium (Founded 1945 as Institut d'Orientation)


PT Association de Graphologues du Québec Inc.
CP 731, succ. Jean-Talon, Montréal (Québec), H15 2Z5 Canada 

DL École de Graphologie
Ghislaine Forgues Enr.
8684, 15e Avenue, Montréal (Québec) H1Z 3N7, Canada

PT École de Graphologie
Jocelyne Guévin-Canse,
7, 55e Avenue, Montréal (Québec), H1A 254, Canada

PT Institut de Graphologie Roma Lavoie
5055, rue Rivard, Montréal (Québec), H27 2N9 Canada

PT L'Institut de Psychographologie de Montréal Inc. (1981- )
CP446, succ. Youville, Montréal (Québec) H2P 2V6 Canada
Contact: Louise Papillon

PT Institut Grapho-Logique Enr.
980, Marie-Curie, Chicoutimi (Québec) G7H 6J7 Canada
Contact: Clorilda Lavoie 

DL Institut National de Caracterologie inc.
700, rue Racine Est, Chicoutimi, Qc, G7H 1V2, Canada 

PT La Société des spécialistes en graphologie du Québec inc. (1979-) 120, rue Saint-Olivier, app.2, Québec, Québec  G1R 1G1

www.graphologiessgq.org  courriel: ssgq@graphologiessgq.org  Des cours de graphologie d'une durée de trois ans en classe, avec en plus, une année chacune pour les spécialistés telles que: analyse de dessins d'enfants, orientation scolaire, documents litigieux, graphothérapie et la sélection de personnel.

PT Société Française de Graphologie
5. rue Las-Cases, 75007 Paris. France

PT Université Lumiere Lyon 2
Faculté des Lettres, Sciences du Langage et Arts,
86, rue Pasteur, 2e étage, 69365 Lyon-Cedex 07, France


PT L'Université Victor Ségalen Bordeaux II,

146 rue Léo Saignat, Bordeaux



DL Dr. Helmut Ploog
Rossinistr. 9, 85598 Baldham bei Munchen, Germany


PT Naftali Institute
10 Hahagana St., Hod-Hasharon, 45225 Israel 
Email: m-naftali@barak-online.net
Contact: Ms. Michal Naftali


PT  Accademia di Scienze Grafologiche (ASG)

Via Marco di Vincenzo, 10

90143 Palermo, Italy

Contact: Anna Costantino



Via Pasubio 41, 40133 Bologna, Italy
 Contact: Roberto Travaglini

DL AGI Calabria

Via S. Prisca 8, 00153, Rome, Italy
Contact: Maria Grazia Calcagno
DL Antonio de Pastors

Pzza Rizzo 23, 30027 S. Dona Di Piave. (VE), Italy
Contact: Luigi Ceccarello

Via Venezia 15, 00184 Rome, Italy
 Contact: Carla Poma

Via G. Allievo, 75 00135 Rome, Italy
 Contact: Angela Mele 

Via dei Sulpici, 73, 00173 Rome, Italy
Contact: Vincenzo Tarantino 

Via del Serafico 1, 00142 Rome, Italy
Contact: Alberto Bravo 

PT Istituto Grafologico "Girolamo Moretti" (Degree course)
Piazza San Francesco 7, 61029 Urbino (PS). Italy
http://www.grafologia.it  In 2003 Urbino offered a Masters Degree in Graphology (see HERE for details)

PT Istituto Italiano di Grafologìa
Via Giulia 3, 34100 Trieste
Contact: Oscar Venturini

PT Istituto Toscano di Scienze Grafologiche, (1996- )
Via Luca Glordano 7/p, 50132 Florence, Italy
 Contact: Anna Fornasarig

Via Campana 9, 10125 Turin, Italy
Contact: Marìa Grazìa Crepaldi 

PT LUMSA, Rome, Italy (Degree Course)

PT Scuola di Grafologia "Crotti"
Via Plinio 52, 20129 Milan, Italy
Contact: Alberto Magni e-mail: studiocm@prof.it

PT Scuola Superiore di grafologia
La Pontificia Facoltà teologica, "San Bonaventura",via del Serafico 1, 
00142 Rome, Italy.  
Contact: Franco Torbidoni

PT Scuola Superiore di Grafologia "Moretti (1992- )
Via Scillitani 17, 71100 Foggia, Italy. 
Contact: Antonio Rubino

PT Università di Lecce, Italy

PT University of Cosenza
Facoltà di scienza dell'educazione, Italy

PT Università di Porto
Faculties of Literature & Psychology, Lisbon, Portugal


DL Mariano Bosom
c/Mare de Deu del coll, 14-16, 08023 Barcelona, Spain  


DL Grafaula Coordinador: Antonio M. Gallardo Cruz
E-mail: grafoaula@grafoaula.com
Dirección: C/Valdivieso 21, Ciudad: Madrid, CP: 28023, España

Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. España

http://grafologiauniversitaria.com (Archive 1   Archive 2  Archive 3)

PT Universidad de Valencia
Facultad de Medicina, Valencia, Spain
Contact: Dr. J. Delfin Villalaín Blanco


PT Hochschule für Angewandte Psychologie Zürcher Fachhochschule (HAP)

Minervastrasse 30, Postfach, CH-8032 Zürich, Telefon +41 (0)44 268 33 10,




United Kingdom

DL The British Academy of
11 Roundacre, London SW19 6DB. UK
http://www.graphology.co.uk Contact: Renna Nezos

DL The Direct Analysis Society
23 Pedna Carne, Higher Fraddon, St. Columb, Cornwall. 
TR9 6LF. UK Contact: J. D. Wetton 

DL Linda Hencher
Waters Meet, Wass Bank, York. UK

DL International Graphology Association (IGA)
Stonedge, Dunkerton, Bath BA2 8AS. UK
Contact: Lawrence Warner
ljw@graphology.org.uk    http://www.graphology.org.uk

PT London College of Graphology
London College of Graphology, Administration Centre, 14 Cherry Garden Lane, Folkestone, Kent, CT19 4AD
http://www.collegeofgraphology.co.uk    Email tullochliz@hotmail.com

PT Glasgow University. The Department of Adult and Continuing Education (DACE) is one of Scotland's leading centres for lifelong learning.

CLICK HERE FOR HWA LINK  or see http://www.gla.ac.uk/adulteducation/


PT/ DL  National Society for Graphology 250 West 57th Street
Suite #1020 New York, N.Y. 10107

PT American Society of Professional Graphologists ASPG
23 South Drive, Great Neck, NY 11021 USA
Contact: Pat Siegel  classes@aspghandwriting.org
Webpage: http://www.aspghandwriting.org/

DL Academy of Handwriting Sciences (1983 - ) 
PO Box 65095,Tucson AZ85728 USA 
Contact: Heidi Harralson Hapiwriter@aol.com

DL Bart Baggett
(on-line University,Texas,  USA)
e-mail: info@myhandwriting.com       http://www.myhandwriting.com

DL Curt Baggett

on-line training for Document Examination, began Sept 03.    Texas, USA


DL Andrew Bradley & Associates
PO Box 24043, Denver, CO 80224, USA
(Courses for QD work)

DL    Joel Engel www.EngelGraph.com
550J Grand St.,  Apt. 3E, N.Y.C.  10002  U.S.A.  (Free monthly sample lessons)

Dr.JoelEngel@learngraphology.com   http://www.learngraphology.com  

Handwriting analysis course on CD. Personality evaluation. Unique interactive graphology program.

Free monthly lessons. Handwriting analysis offered.  25 lessons, 370 pages (indexed) with questions and answers

PO Box 20175, Columbus, Ohio 43220, USA
e-mail: ellen.bowers@ccscmh.org Contact: Dr. Ellen Bowers

DL  Handwriting Analysis Inc. 15740 Rockford Road, Suite 220, Plymouth, Minnesota 55446 USA . Jack Cammarata email: haicam@msn.com  web http://www.handwritinganalysisinc.com

DL The Institute of Graphological Science 
PO Box 793743, Dallas, TX 75379, USA 
Contact: Pat Johnson

DL Insyte Inc. (possibly no longer operating? At 11 Aug 2005)
10351 South Blaney Avenue, Cupertino, CA 95014, USA
Contact: Sister June Canoles
e-mail: J96WRITE@aol.com

DL International Graphoanalysis Society (IGAS) 
842 Fifth Avenue, New Kensington, PA 15068 USA  Contact Greg Greco greg@igas.com  http://www.igas.com/

PT International School of Handwriting Sciences (ISHS)
1505 South Pagosa Blvd.
Pagosa Springs, CO 81147  USA
Contact: Ted Widmer: e-mail: TWidmer@flash.net

DL Dr. Erika Karohs
4080 Sunset Lane, Pebble Beach, CA 93953-3050, USA
e-mail: emkarohs@earthlink.net    http://karohs.net/  http://karohs.com

DL Felix Klein's Course
Manhattan Handwriting Consultant
250 West 57th Street, Suite 1228-A, New York, NY 10107, USA.
Contact: Janice Klein

DL Liora Laufer
1616 King Mountain Road, Charlottesville, VA 22901, USA

DL McNichol-Nelson Graphology Institute
10573 W.Pico Blvd., Suite 820, Los Angeles, CA 90064, USA. 
e-mail:AndiePie@aol.com     http://www.brainprints.com/Andrea.htm
Contact: Andrea McNichol

DL Rose L. Toomey, 781 South Nardo Avenue 0-23, Solana Beach, CA 92075, USA

PT Vanguard
Developed the Vanguard Certification Program. Contact Sheila Lowe for a syllabus.

Sheila Lowe's Self-Study program in Gestalt graphology is sold by the
lesson, rather than the entire course. Students study at their own pace, and
Sheila is available to answer questions. There are currently four
comprehensive lessons available by email for $65 each or snail mail $75
each. Lesson one covers Spatial Arrangement, Lesson two-- Writing Form,
Lesson three-- Writing movement, and Lesson four--puts the first three
together in the context of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, plus the beginnings
of a graphological report.

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