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My personal library contains about every graphology book you can imagine. If you have been a subscriber to my =GRAPHOLOGY BULLETIN= for over three years here is your chance to share the knowledge. Here are some rules, please keep a copy of this page for your records.

LIBRARY RULES (version 1.2 Jan 5  2005)

1/ The Library is only open to people who have subscribed to my Graphology Bulletin for three years continuously before the date of request. This is considered as evidence of reciprocal trust and long term interest in the subject matter. There is no joining fee and no lending fee. For details of the Bulletin click HERE or see

2/ Up to five books may be borrowed at any one time. You can keep the book/s for one month. You can keep books longer if there is no recall. If the book is available for sale and you like it, you can pay the balance.

3/  Books are recalled for various reasons. These include stock taking; failure to renew your Graphology Bulletin subscription; requests by other people. 

4/ Before receiving the book you must pay the postage/packing and a security fee of 10 US dollars (or 10 Euros or 5 UK pounds).  This amount is payable for each book borrowed. The security fee is returned on safe receipt of the book. A part may be deducted if the book is considered to have been damaged deliberately or by negligence.

5/ If a book is lost you agree to pay the replacement value. That replacement value varies over time and by title. The definition of "damaged" is judged by Nigel Bradley. 

6/ The library is the private property of Nigel Bradley. By agreeing to these terms you are entering into a contract with Nigel Bradley under English Law. The owner reserves the right to deny particular requests. If reasons are not given for denials this should not imply anything other than a desire not to release books. The matter is personal and the University of Westminster is not involved in this agreement.

7/ To request a title simply send a letter or an email to me Nigel Bradley with the title. Most graphology books are available.

8/ You will be sent a letter or an email to say if the title is available; the delivery cost (airmail or first class) and how to pay. When your payment has been received the book will be despatched.

9/ All books should be returned to

Nigel Bradley,

PO Box 205,


HA1 1ZU.

Great Britain

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