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Handwriting Example Collection Classification

Copyright 2004 by Nigel Bradley

This is a suggested sheet to store with each example of handwriting you keep in your collection, just print the page and create copies for each example. For Privacy Purposes  you should be familiar with the Data Protection Act  Click Here 

The form is under modification but the basics are here.


First Name/s

Previous Name/s


Left Handed        Right Handed        Ambidextrous

Date of Birth

Male         Female

Occupation Education

SAMPLE Features

Written with left or right hand?    RIGHT LEFT

Date sample was written?_________

Age of respondent when writing    __________years

Language of sample________

Words per minute________

State of mind when giving sample

  • fear

  • anger

  • happiness

  • sadness

  • surprise

  • disgust.

Was the writing instrument:

  • ballpoint pen

  • fountain pen

  • pencil

  • felt-tipped pen

  • Other (specify_____________)

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