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The links below give details to join some groups. The quality and number of messages changes over time, so it is hard to advise which to join. One useful indicator is the number of participants. (Sometimes numbers are given in brackets at the date shown).  REMEMBER all archives are open to be read by anyone.

Hosted at Yahoo (1st choice for many lists)

graphodigestWORLD For the world! (Nov 2005 60 members)

graphodigestUK For the United Kingdom (Sep 2003 63 members)

graphodigestIN For India (started Aug 2003)

graphodigestCA For Canada (started Aug 2003)

Graphodigest01  (49 in July 2003)

graphology1  (20 in July 2003)

Graphologydigest  (65 in July 2003)

 Handwriting-L Gary Brown's group is the oldest on the net (169 in July 2003)

 handwritinganalysis  Thomas Grogan's group (132 in July 2003)

The Graphology Room Wayne Chan in the UK (92 in July 2003)

GRASIN For India (started Sept 2003)

VANGUARD 2 run by Sheila Lowe

 IGAS related groups:

KIGAS yahoogroup(5 in July 2003)     FLIGAS yahoogroup (104 in July 2003)

 SCCG yahoogroup (43 in July 2003)       graphoanalysis (115 in July 2003)

Hosted at Topica

Note that messages from Topica lists are blocked by some Internet Service Providers (due to spam) so mirror lists for most of these are being established at Yahoo)

Graphodigest.europa  For all European nations (polyglot) (50 May 2003)  For Australia & New Zealand (22 in June 2003)  For Czech Republic( few in May 2003)  For Indonesia( few in May 2003)

India-Graphology  run by Vivek Dixit (37 in May 2003)

Dormant Groups  For the United Kingdom. Members still there, but also transferred to Yahoo group of same name. For Canada (17 in May 2003) Members still there, but also transferred to Yahoo group of same name.  For Netherlands (12 in March 2002) Closed

Graphodigest.english  - Now closed but archives can be searched.

Graphodigest.usa  For the USA. Members still there, but also transferred to Yahoo group of same name.   For India (100 in May 2003) Members still there, but also transferred to Yahoo group of same name.

Grapho by Michel De Grave (Belgium) was active in 1999 and sorely archives, but I kept printouts.

Vanguard set up by Sheila Lowe. Replaced by Vanguard 2 at yahoo groups.

Graphoanalyst Yahoo (120 in June 2003) For IGAS trained people or those interested in GRAPHOANALYSIS.Group owned by Greg Greco. Founded by Nigel Bradley but handed over in July 2003. Closed and archives deleted on 18 July 2005.

Chat Rooms

Here is a chance to "chat" directly with others in real time...Just go to CHAT, you need to agree to have the yahoo chat software on your
PC. Try to visit the chat rooms exactly on the half hour to see if anyone is there (at 12.00 or 12.30 etc). One "golden window" is... India 7pm-8pm; New York 8.30am-9.30am; London 13.30-14.30. If you want to know the time elsewhere in the world see the WORLD CLOCK

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Other Groups


Bart Baggett's International Handwriting Analysis Bulletin Board

The CHAI  Message Board

The Yahoo complete list


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