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This is an attempt to list every graphology site in the USA, other countries are on other pages.   Last modified 2 March 2006.

New  SEHA -Susanne Shapiro (CA) - Glenda Ross (WA) - Greg Papa (NY) - Carol Robb(IL) - Treyce d'Gabriel (TX) - National Society for Graphology  - John Boesen (KS) - Joe Engel Site (NY) - Sheila Lowe 1  (CA) -  Marian Brannan (CA) -  Hire Golden (PA)

A note on the words (Archive).  Because many sites are revised over time I have started to add a link to archives for web sites. This is possible because of the Internet Archive (so my thanks to them). Where an archive is given it is marked (Archive) in brackets after the link to the current URL. You can even see the archive for this particular page here ARCHIVE OF USA HWA SITES


  AAHA     AHAF      *ASPG    ASQDE   ACFE -    CHAI   FBI - QD Guide     Handwriting Experts    Handwriting Experts Association   Handwriting ORG  -  IGAS  (Archive)-  SCCG - SEHA MIGAS - National Society for Graphology -  SHWAS -  IGAS Washington Chapter

IGAS   Whatever happened to IGAS? It closed in Dec 2002 and in June 2003, paperwork was signed transferring ownership of all intellectual materials to Greg Greco.  see here for  an interview with GREG GRECO

Internet groups for IGAS trained people have emerged.  There is  KIGAS yahoogroup (11) and FLIGAS yahoogroup (90 )and SCCG yahoogroup (56 members). A bit like Friends Reunited!

For the record Graphoanalyst Yahoo (120 in June 2003) was founded for those interested in GRAPHOANALYSIS. It was founded by Nigel Bradley in Jan 2003 but handed over to Greg Greco in July 2003. He closed on 18 July 2005 and  sadly deleted the archives.

Some IGAS Chapters have changed names and are developing new identities.  Here are some links. Note the new abbreviations

SCCG  -   Southern California Chapter Site

SEHA - South Eastern Handwriting Analysts (was Florida Chapter or FLIGAS)

MIGAS -  Michigan Graphoanalytic Association(was Michigan Chapter) -

SHWAS - Southern Handwriting Analysts Society (was South Carolina Chapter)

Ontario Chapter    Washington Chapter

See the  IGAS HQ site for updates.

By state...

AK - ALASKA   Adeline Elliot

  AZ - ARIZONA   - Adriana S. Masuello  -    Hopper M  -   Jim Rindone Spectrum  -  Handwriting Research Corp  and (Greg Greco)

  CA - CALIFORNIA Marian Brannan  -  Debbie Jenae   Karohs E   also Sheila Lowe 1   Sheila Lowe 2 (archive)  -    Lubin D   McNicol, Andrea   Michaels, Garth   -   Charles, Linda - Vimala Rodgers (Archive)-  Sassi, Paula     Sassi, Paula(again)   Patricia Wellingham-Jones  -    USALL/Eric S. Meyer  EMODE - Computer Analysis   Chessa Roth  Maxa Lars /EyeBall Hwa   - Cheryl Sutt   -  Zahrah - Susanne Shapiro

  CO - COLORADO    Sutton H   -   Farmer J  -     Bookin-Weiner H

  CT - CONNECTICUT   Irene Lambert    Wadel B


 FL - FLORIDA    Amy Edwards    Orsini R      Frances M. Shea   American Graphological Centers   Ink To Hire - MICHAEL KAHLOWSKY

  GA - GEORGIA   Angela R White   Chase Goodwin

 HI - HAWAII   Kimon Ianetta       Reed Hayes  

 ID - IDAHO    LaVina Pratt

IL - ILLINOIS   Diane Hunter - Carol Robb

IN - INDIANA   Wilson T   - Terry Larson (TLC Handwriting Services) Site 1 Site 2 (Archive)

KS -KANSAS  John Boesen

KY - KENTUCKY    Holly Hogue   Iris Hatfield/ HuVista International

 MA - MASSACHUSETTS   Bickerton J      HWA  for  Genealogy      De Serpa A (site 1)   De Serpa A (site 2)   JOANNE ALEXANDER     Eileen Page      Pauline Werner

MI - MICHIGAN   Ruth & Sarah Holmes (Pentec)   - Arlene Leachman

MN - MINNESOTA   Cammarata J

 MO - MISSOURI   Bob Wallace

NC - NORTH CAROLINA   Hartness D   Will E

NE - NEBRASKA    Write Facts  Janet Tilden (for executive assistance)

NH - NEW HAMPSHIRE   Piani J   Ambidex Profiles 

NJ - NEW JERSEY    Milt Kaufman   Marie Betz    Diva & Dina

NV- NEVADA   Kathleen M. Dickinson 

  NY - NEW YORK   Kurtz S / Graphology Consulting Group      Louise Erpelding   Gholam Sheikholeslami      IDEA/Joe Jalbert   Joe Jalbert yet again - Joe Jalbert again   Joel Engel site 1  (archive)   - Joe Engel Site 2 - National Society for Graphology - Greg Papa

 OH - OHIO    Massaro MR   Thomas G

PA -    PENNSYLVANIA  Michelle Dreshold  -Hire Golden  (Archive)(determines Myers-Briggs from handwriting.)

RI - RHODE ISLAND   Marc Seifer

TN - TENNESSEE Greg Whitaker

TX - TEXAS  Susan E. Abbey - Bart Baggett - Curt Baggett - Connie Coleman - Coleman J - Weiser A - Hanna Burnett/ ID-INK - Sylvia Tooker - Treyce d'Gabriel

VA - VIRGINIA   Datagraph Inc

WA - WASHINGTON   IGAS Regional Group   Hannah McFarland  Ross G    Jonathon Blake (archives) - Glenda Ross

ZZ - Unidentified Location  Taylor Morgan


graphodigestUSA (started July 2003 at Yahoo) this Email list is for people interested in graphology in the USA. It is mainly people resident in the USA. Please note that it is not a chat group. More an information exchange, so please think clearly before you send post to it. Welcome are event details, book releases, reviews, views etc. For other CLUBS click HERE

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