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This is an attempt to list every graphology site in the UK, other countries are on other pages.   Last modified  22 Feb 2006.

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A note on the words (Archive).  Because many sites are revised over time I have started to add a link to archives for web sites. This is possible because of the Internet Archive (so my thanks to them). Where an archive is given it is marked (Archive) in brackets after the link to the current URL.

Associations in the UK

    * BAoG (Archive)  - BIG (Archive) - -  IGA(Archive) -  Direct Analysis Society (Archive)   Forensic Science Society (Archive) -   London College of Graphology  (Archive)  - National Handwriting Association (Archive

Individuals in the UK

 Emma Bache  -  David Bennett   -Bible C  -  Alan Bishop  - Amanda Bouchier   -  Adam Brand    -  Tracey Britton   - Nigel Bradley (archive)   -  Mary Black  -   Frits Cohen/ Graph-o-logica - Conway A   - Conway A/Write Partners   -  Corinne Corre    - Helen Diskin -    Tom Davis/ University of Birmingham     Patricia Field    Rosemary Findlater/ Personality Insights      Ian Goulding - Olivia Graham (Archive) -  George Krot    Graphology Associates Gullan-Whur M      Hencher L    Hunt A       Kitching R    - James Marshall Site 1 -  James Marshall Site 2 -   Joyce Parkinson - Erik Rees  Simpson D      Eric Smith     Norma Sweeting     Taylor C    Jacqui Tew  (Archive)     Unidentified/ London     Christina Vickery     Margaret Webb (Archive)    Denise Young  Susan Williams & Stuart Sedgley/PPS

    BIG Members offering Services


PHOTOS of the Oxford 2005 Conference delegates

Dead links/Inactive

 Kadmon Academy  (Archive)

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