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A note on the words (Archive).  Because many sites are revised over time I have started to add a link to archives for web sites. This is possible because of the Internet Archive (so my thanks to them).  Where an archive is given it is marked (Archive) in brackets after the link to the current URL.


Want to learn graphology? There is a listing of tutors on this web page (originally in GRAPHOLOGY DIGEST FACTBOOK) For a guide to distance learning in general click here

Who Uses Graphology? Click here to see a page that consolidates a list of "alleged" users of graphology with my sources.

Want to buy graphology books? Then here are some lists My Complete listing,   NRB Books (Selection of past and current books at Topica),  BIG books, SCRIPTOR books  Graphology Associates .

Want to join an Internet discussion group?   Click Graphology Clubs for some.

Want your handwriting analysed? Do it yourself for free using software demos such as these by: Cheryl Patrick  Sheila Lowe    Others 

Or pay a human being to do a portrait.. just visit web a few pages to see the prices.

Algeria    search at

Argentina Julio Cavalli    - - Directorio General de Grafologa     Emerson  1(archive) Emerson 2   Grimaldi M   Grosman M  - Oscar Meneghini -

LA UNIVERSIDAD CATOLICA ARGENTINA Colegio de Graduados en Grafologia de la Argentina - Lista de Grafología Argentina  -  LASRA is a specialist Graphology Publisher/ Somos una jóven empresa argentina especializada en traducir y editar libros de  grafología.  LASRA    site 1    site 2 Sometimes the sites don't work.  - Centro de Formación en Tecnicas de Evaluación Psicológicas (ES) - (ENGLISH) - (ITALIANO)  -  (FRANCAIS)

Austria Julia Nagy - Zitate/RAFA

Australia  Alitta Consulting   -Angela King -  Entrelineas/ Arv Yor Ateugle - Mike PosfordRon Sutton  - Saroya West    HARBINGER ON LINE ANALYSIS - Malcolm McLeod

Belgium    Belgische Vereniging voor Graphologie (BGV)/Association Belge de Graphologie (ABG)/ Société Belge de Graphologie (SBG)     De Barelli T site 1   De Barelli T    Site 2    Gasperi C        Dagnelly T (archive)    Thiry B (memoire)    Bernard CORMOND   -  Anne-Françoise KLEIN - Marie-Thérèse Christians

Brazil      LuisaMedeiros      José Bosco, São Paulo        Carla Rodrigues    De Franco    Grafia Qualidade Humana Ltda Lusa Gubitosi Medeiros Paulo Sergio de Camargo    Revista    Amanh Souza EJ   -     Renato Monteiro Freire - Ruy Ramon  - ENFOQUE - SOBRAG

Canada    Association des Graphologues du Quebec    Institut de Psychographologie de Montreal      l'Institut Grapho-Logique enr      la Société des spécialistes en graphologie du Québec inc - Ontario Chapter of IGAS 

Kathleen Amos    Dr. Federica Anaya -   Bergeron J   Paul Boivin  Elaine Charal -

Peter Dennis

  Kenneth Davies/ Hawkeye Studios (Archive)

- Jean-Paul Gagné -   Vital Ménard    Kitsilano Camtronics    Lavoie C  Dianne Nichol - Mary Anne Matthews - SCRIPTOS


Carmen David Allendes

China Wen-Chuan Chou   - bijifenxi  -  Zhou Anshan   - Ken Au (archive)

Costa Rica Personajes de Mi Tierra

Czech Republic     Brno Institute of Graphoanalisis (BIG)       Česká grafologická komora (ČGK)    Czech Chamber of Graphology (CCHG) (Eng)    A History of Czech and Slovak Graphology    Dr. Jiri Kulka

Denmark DGS  

Dyslexia    The British Dyslexia Association        The Dyslexia Institute        Hull Dyslexia Institute    Dyslexia Assessment Software

Ethics     European (ADEG) code of Ethics in English, in French, in Spanish(1) in Spanish (2) in Italian, in German - Codice Deontologico (AGP -IT)     National Board of Italian Psychologists - Código Deontológico  (AGC. - ES)    AHAF Code of Ethics (USA)

 IGAS Code of Ethics (USA) -    -

BPS Code for Psychologists (UK)    IGA Ethics (UK)      GGCF (FR) -     Nederlands Instituut van Psychologen (NL)    Bharat Bushan (INDIA)    EUROPÄISCHE GESELLSCHAFT FÜR SCHRIFTPSYCHOLOGIE UND SCHRIFT- EXPERTISE - various spanish

Finland SGY (Archive) Tero Asp  


Germany   DGV  Beckmann S   - BgGP  -   Fachverband-Deutsche-Graphologen (FDG)GFS e.V    - graphologydigestdeutsch   -  Hahn, H   - Mattissek I  -  Rosemarie Gosemärker - Sadorf E     -  Sulamith Samuleit   - Andreas Staubach -   Wiencek, Evelyn - Signatura/Institut für Graphologie -   Sektion Schriftpsychologie beim Berufsverband Deutscher Psychologen (BDP)   - LUDWIG KLAGES SITE  - Claudia Caspers

Greece    Hellenic Institute of Graphology (GR) - Greek Institute of Graphology

Handwriting Examples    Saddam Hussain 1    -    Saddam Hussain 2 - Washington Snipers - Native American schoolforms/writing systems:    Cherokee writing - Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics  -  Other Native American scripts  - And still more (with fonts for these writings, too):

President Bush has required each major company CEO/CFO  to send in a statement stating that their finances are in order....for those interested in signatures, a listing of Companies is here click on the Statement Receipt Date column where a date appears....and the statement is revealed in Acrobat Reader.

Over 200 signatures of famous authors authenticated by MY BOOK HOUSE

The Zodiac killer murdered several people in the late 60s and early 70s. He was never caught. Here are numerous samples of his handwriting.

Analyses of Bin Laden and George Bush. Also "Anthrax" letters and other writings related to recent terrorist acts  - British Academy of Graphology    -    Spectrum  -   Handwriting Research Corp- Sandra Fisher   -     Bart Baggett        -    Anna Koren    -Glenda Ross     -   Pravda (Russian news) - Signature of Arafat (1993)   -  Ed Lake's investigation of the anthrax affair

Hong Kong  - Ken Au (archive)

Hungary    Csapo Ida         -  Grafologiai Intezet   - Grafo-System Studio -    Grafodidakt    -    Duktus '94    Links to over 50 Hungarian graphology sites  -  Graphology FAQ in Hungarian

Iceland Graphology Center of Iceland

India       -Dr. Na. Maghudesswarran - Aghilham -  MOHAN ray  -  Handwriting Analysts India -  Keith Rosario  -  Kaushik Nag

Israel    The Association for Scientific Graphology     -  Aliza Loebstein -   Koren A    - Anna Koren's Discussion Forum (in Hebrew)  -   Mihal BT Discussion Forum (in Hebrew)  Michal Naftali (Hebrew - English ) - NewAge University    - Sitoo On line Analysis  -  Zamir & Co   -     Karen Raveh


Japan    Hideki OSHIKI - Handwriting of Children in Japan 

Macedonia    Grafologija (Archive)

Marocco   Marie-Joelle Andre

search for more at

Mexico    Centro de Grafologia

New Zealand   Klaas Hogenesch  - Allan Kirk -- Trevor Rive/New Zealand Institute of Graphology -   Paul Shallard  (Archive)

For the record Stotts offered a Course in Graphology in 2000-2003. It has been removed You can see it mentioned as course 580 on ARCHIVES HERECampbell A (2003) Penultimate shortlisting article in the New Zealand Herald

Netherlands    IGS- International Graphonomics Society     IGS    NOG - Nederlandse Orde van Grafologen  Rademaker C    Marina J. Schwedersky Jeannine Brock

search for more at


Barbara GAWDA - (ARCHIVE1) -Archive 2 -   Archive 3 - JerzyDanton - GRAFOLOGIA   -


Centro de Estudos de Psicologia da Escrita- Francisco Queriez  - A grafologia como um teste da sua person     graphologydigestportugues   Miguel Marques

Romania    Coca Reit


Singapore    Pang, William

Slovenia    Greg Hartman

Slovakia  Ed Jablonsky    SGrS    A History of Czech and Slovak Graphology

South Africa Fisher S (archive)    Graphex (Silvana Grandin, Marja Apteker ,Jackie Moore)

Spain  go to this PAGE

Sweden   GraphoCenter

Switzerland     ESHP   -    SGB -   SGG   -  SRG - SVDGVDGDoris Aerne -  Boegli DMaria Gebhard Gassmann C - Helfenstein A  -  Bluma Aurbach Guéye - Hostettler BDr. Marie Anne Nauer - Bea Scherrer - Marguerite Spycher  - Troesch SWalder-Bauer M -   Viktor Wanner  - Swissair Crew Selection -  Fachbuchkatalog Graphologie im praxis-in - Institut für angewandte Psychologie Zurich (IAP /HAP) -    Marita Knecht  - Institut Onken

UK   -    USA  Click to go to other pages for   UK   and    USA

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