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DESCRIPTION: A news bulletin with graphology related news items published each month since February 1994 in English. Over 100 items are featured each year with a bias to British and European graphology. QD work, handwriting analysis, training courses, legislation, research in progress/published, biography details, deaths, new books, new pens, lectures, seminars, workshops, conferences are all featured. Graphology Bulletin is read by people new to graphology, professional graphologists, psychologists, educators, researchers and forensic document examiners.

DETAILS: 4 pages per month (48pp per year). Edited and published by Nigel Bradley since 1994. 12 month subscription starts from date of order receipt. Subscribers may use a graphology library after three years (see LIBRARY).

If you forward a copy of the electronic version of =GRAPHOLOGY BULLETIN= your subscription will stop and no money will be refunded. This is because continued production needs income. This is a condition of subscription. 

A sample issue is available: Graphology Bulletin


Paper version - Europe/UK 10 pounds sterling/ 20 Euros/ 20 US dollars

Paper version - USA/elsewhere 15 pounds sterling/ 30 Euros/ 30 US dollars

E-mail version 5 pounds sterling/ 10 Euros/ 10 US dollars. Use a credit card through PAYPAL. Checks are accepted in pounds Sterling, US Dollars or Euros. Payable to Nigel Bradley. Send to:

Nigel Bradley,

PO Box 205,


HA1 1ZU.

Great Britain


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