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2006 - CHILE

The First International Congress of Graphology in Chile signals the substantial graphological activity taking place in South America. The congress is planned for 3-4 June 2006. It will be held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Santiago and simultaneous translation will be provided. There are five speakers who are Nigel Bradley (UK), Maria del Carmen Doyharzabal (Argentina), Adriana Masuello (USA), Doris Alfred Gauthier (Canada) and Paulo Sergio de Camargo (Brazil). The conference is associated with the Psychology School of the Universidad Adolfo Ibanez and the Instituto Hispanoamericano de Grafologia Analitica (IHGA). For details see

2005 Conference Graphology at Oxford. A date for your diary. Click here for Conference info. Or Click here for interesting info on Oxford. Some PHOTOS of the Oxford 2005 Conference delegates

2004 Conference in Canada Graphology's challenge: cooperation on all fronts Click HERE

2004 YEAR OF THE SWT.   The year 2004 has been designated Year of the SWT.   The Star-Wave-Test was conceived by Ursula Ave-Lallemant.   The test has been used worldwide.  The year 2004 marks the 25th Anniversary of the test, but also the 90th Birthday of Ave-Lallemant who lives in Germany.   As part of the year, designed to raise awareness of the test, new books are planned and a discussion forum has been created on the Internet. Click here to see details

 New Book! Graphology Across Cultures. A universal approach to graphic diversity edited by Dafna Yalon & published by The British Institute of Graphologists (2003). Launch date 14 September 2003.

MASTERS DEGREE IN GRAPHOLOGY. Urbino University in Italy is offering a Masters Degree in Graphology from October 2003.  It runs for one academic year and is taught over 14 weekends and two weeks of intensive classes. Approximately 30 students are expected to apply before 30 September 2003. See    (posted August 2003)

PISA 2003 Pisa in Tuscany seems to be a busy graphology centre.  Click Here for MORE

NEW OWNER FOR IGAS. Ownership of IGAS transferred from Kathy Kusta to Greg Greco on 18 June 2003, assets were removed from Chicago on 2 July 2003.  It is likely that Greco will make great use of the Internet for the company, which will keep the name The International Graphoanalysis Society (IGAS).   The World Association of Document Examiners (WADE) was purchased in the same transaction.  Several trademarks in the USA are owned by Greco, these include the term Graphoanalysis.    see  (posted July 2003)

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