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This site is being created to help you find the all the possible information on the subject – Graphology or Handwriting Analysis.

This site is a great vision and work of Nigel Bradley from UK, a passionate and avid reader on the subject. He has collected and worked with great passion to create this amazing pool of resource. We are extremely thankful to Nigel to have given us this site to help us guide us in the right direction.

This vision is time ahead when most of the analysts were busy learning for us, looking for sources at individual level, collecting at individual level or at community level. He created this site to give food of thought to all of us.  This was an enormous task to integrate information from various sources, nations, coordinating and collecting the information from various sites, various levels, and various people. All his hard work and effort was seen, greatly recognised in www.graphology.ws

 With busy schedules, increasing responsibilities Nigel from past few years was not able to update or work on the site. But this worth an effort was not to be stopped. I too have mailed several times to him demanding an update! As time passed by we started interacting and exchanged our thoughts and ideas. During these mail conversation we realised, we have a common vision.

One day I had a mail from Nigel asking for my interest in the site and upgrading it.  had no reason to say no! And now I feel extremely fortunate and it is my pleasure now to work for all of you to recreate this information centre.

 We wish to recreate, update and integrate this site once again and linking all over the world for this. So, please share your profile, work, recent updates and more news about the community, geography etc. We wish to publish the same to the website and make the information centre truly complete and power pack information centre.

In case you have some information, which will help us explore more of the subject, please share with us & help us make the site more complete.

Happy Reading!

Shruti Singh

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